jilibay Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is full of interesting questions, answers and other content for both new and experienced members. We want to keep people informed about our service and we expect you will enjoy reading through them as much as we enjoy putting it together!

  • General questions:
A. jilibay casino is an online casino licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. We use secure software to protect the personal and financial information of all our players, so you can be assured that you can conduct all kinds of activities at jilibay.
A. Players need to be at least 18 years old to bet at jilibay casino.
A. Yes, but only slot games and fish shooting games can be played for free, in this mode you can play without using any funds.
A. At jilibay casino you can contact us in three ways: e-mail, live chat, pgone.
A. You can view your betting history by clicking on “My Account” > “Betting History” when you log in.
  • Account Questions:
A. Yes, you need to register if you want to bet and win real money bonuses.
A. Please make sure your phone number is filled in correctly, if it is still not working, please contact our customer service team.
A. Yes, you can change all information except your username.
A. Yes, if you want to close your account, just avoid logging in for 3 months and your account will be deactivated automatically.
A. If your account has been frozen, you can reactivate it if you improve it, but you cannot reactivate it if you asked for it to be closed.
  • Game Questions:
A. Here you can find slots, live casino, card table games, fish shooting games, and many sports and sabong bets.
A. At jilibay, we find that players really like our slot games because we have upwards of 100 different types, so you can find something you like.
A. Yes, you will be rewarded with real money when you win in our games.
A. Your bets may be voided because the tournament you bet on is temporarily cancelled, or because one of the participants may be disqualified, in which case your bets will be refunded to you.
A. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get your lost money back.
  • Bonus Questions:
A. Yes, we offer a welcome bonus of 300% when you join and make a deposit.
A. In jilibay, we have a maximum limit, for example, our 100% deposit bonus is capped at ₱120, which means that even if you deposit a high enough amount, you will only get a maximum of ₱120.
A. You can find the bonus you are interested in within the promotion and click “Apply”, or contact our customer service team directly and we will recommend a bonus for you based on your status.
A. You can subscribe to our community events, which are updated regularly.
  • Trading Questions:
A. In jilibay, we process all banking transactions as quickly as possible, but it varies depending on the deposit method you choose, from a maximum of about 10 minutes for e-wallets to 20 minutes for credit cards, etc.
A. There can be many reasons for this, you will need to use the same method as you used to make your deposit when you withdrew your funds, if you are still unable to withdraw your funds, please contact our customer service.
A. Sorry, this is prohibited. Please use the same account name as the account holder to make a deposit.
A. We will ask you to upload the relevant documents when you make your first withdrawal, and then you will not need to verify again once the verification is successful.
A. It varies depending on the transaction method you choose, all methods will take less than 2 days, if you don’t receive it, please contact our customer service team immediately.
A. If the withdrawal is still in process, you can cancel it by contacting our customer service team, but if it has already been approved, it cannot be cancelled.
  • App Questions:
A. Yes, there is no cost to download the jilibay app.
A. Please click the download button on the home page, depending on your phone model (Android or iOS)
A. It’s very simple, after you download and play, you will see the jilibay icon on your phone’s desktop, click on it to open it and the login page will appear directly.
A. Yes, our customer service team is always available to help you.
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