jilibay is a trusted sportsbook with a professional business team

jilibay is a sports betting website that provides a platform to bet safely and securely on your favorite sports events organized by us. Our main focus is on providing all of our customers with the most convenient way to wager on every match and claim their winnings without any problems.

The best bet for sports betting is with jilibay

jilibay online casino offers the best betting selection, including world-class odds on all major sports events. Our live games are played with a selection of betting options from popular bookmakers and our software is developed with integrity. We pride ourselves on delivering value for money for our customers, enabling them to enjoy a comfortable online experience and make their sporting activities a profitable one.

And here are the most common types of bets offered by jilibay

  • Moneylines bets

Moneylines bets are probably the simplest type of wager when it comes to sports betting. This means that if you bet ₱100 that your team will win by more than 2 touchdowns, you’re going to lose your entire wager if they don’t cover both touchdowns plus another point spread (example: 8 points).

  • Spreads bets

Spreads bets are similar in nature to moneyline bets, but they offer more flexibility because they allow you to pick whatever point spread you want instead of just two numbers. A spread is the difference between two teams’ point totals—in other words, it’s the number of points that one team has more than another. Spreads are typically used in football games because they’re easier to predict than total scores. You can bet spreads as part of a parlay or as a standalone wager.

  • Totals bets

Totals bets are bets that involve predicting what will happen in a game or match between two teams. They can be based on how many goals each team scores, who wins or loses by a certain amount of points or goals, or even whether one team will score more touchdowns than another team.

  • Parlay bets

Parlay bets are typically where you can make money by combining different wagers into one big bet that makes sense. The most popular parlay options include point spreads (ex: if the favorite wins by 3 points then you’ll get paid on both sides of the spread), head-to-head matchups or totals (ex: if the favorite wins by 11 points then you’ll get paid off either game), and money lines (ex: if the favorite wins by 2 points then they win by 3).

  • Prop bets

Prop bets are similar to parlays in that they’re wagers on which team will win based on an event happening in a sport (such as who will score first). The difference is that they’re also wagering against another team that won’t happen until later (like if you bet on what color uniform will be worn by your favorite baseball team).

jilibay offers a wide range of sports markets

Do you love sports? We get it. You’re passionate about all things related to them, from the best players to the most exciting plays. You can’t get enough of it. We understand your passion, and we want to help you play your favorite games in a way that’s both fun and secure. At jilibay, you can bet on almost any sport across a number of different leagues and tournament formats. The following are the most common sports matches:

  • Soccer (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga)
  • Tennis (WTA Tour, ATP World Tour)
  • Horse Racing (Grand National Stakes)
  • Cricket (Test Cricket and One Day Internationals)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • E-Sports (CS:GO, DOTA 2, LOL, AOV, Overwatch )

Other sports you can find at jilibay:

BasketballHockeyGolfMotorsportsVolleyballTable TennisBadminton

jilibay can give you the best sports betting experience

If you are looking for a site with great service, fast and secure transactions, competitive odds and convenient deposit options, then jilibay is the right choice for you.

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