jilibay won’t let you miss a single sabong game

jilibay is the leading casino site in the Philippines. We offer all major events, specifically cockfight tournament. We offer the best online sabong betting that you can play from home. We are committed to provide you with a great gaming experience. By streaming live sabong, our service makes it possible for you to enjoy live streaming the best experience in your very own bedroom.

What is online sabong betting?

Online sabong (cockfights) betting is a type of gambling in which people place bets on the results of a game, where two roosters engage in a fight to the death. The loser is killed by one of the roosters, as agreed beforehand. Online sabong is practiced in many countries, especially in the Philippines, but today it has spread throughout the world.

Basic rules of online sabong

There are a lot of different types of bets, but the most common ones are First-Guess and Last-Guess.

To place your bet, all you have to do is choose between the two options: first-guess or last-guess. For example, if you choose “first-guess” after completing the form and before submitting your bet, then you will play the first round of specials and winnings will be determined by whether or not you were correct in guessing the correct number. If your guess was incorrect, then you won’t be playing any special rounds of bets that day. If you choose “last-guess” after completing the form, then you will play through each round of betting until it’s revealed who is correct.

To place a bet, choose your favorite event. A single click will take you to the betting window where you can adjust your bet randomly while waiting for the event to come.

Why choose jilibay casino for sabong betting?

Great sabong information

It is the best place to start if you would like an overview of the world of cockfighting. jilibay has a great collection of sabong events. You can learn about the next event through our website, or play around live sabong.

Trusted Software Provider

We work with the best live cockfighting provider – diamond sabong 88, they always aim to provide quality services and products to those who support us. They offer a high quality and safe entertainment experience for all types of players, where you can enjoy your favorite sport of cockfighting!

Live HD footage

Replace the traditional casino with our online betting site that offers the most exciting sabong games in the world. Feel like a local and watch live HD footage from some of the top sabong sites in Philippines and place your bets to win big money prizes. It’s that simple.

jilibay is a place to bet your favorite sabong games.

We are a website that provides sabong live betting services in easy way. We have made it easy to win real money as well. jilibay is not just a home for card game lovers, our site has many other games that can be played by anyone through our website, so give us a try and see how good we are!

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